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We are honored to feature a wide range of Learning, Technology & Business Leaders and Innovators as Learning Festival Faculty.   Rather than Keynotes and Breakouts - you will  interview and interact with these experts and resource folks:

  • Elliott Masie - Co-Host: "State of Learning into 2024" and Celebrating Learning!

  • Telly Leung - Co-Host:  Focus on Storytelling, Broadway and Empathy. 

  • Jennifer McCollum: CEO, Linkage (SHRM), Author "In Her Own Voice"D

  • Dr. Rajiv Shah: President of Rockefeller Foundation - Author "Big Bets"

  • Richard Culatta: CEO of ISTE, Learning Innovator, Author "Digital for Good"

  • Melinda Doolittle: American Idol Finalist - Performer and Storyteller

  • Brandon Carson: Starbucks VP Learning & Founder, L&D Cares - Learning Careers

  • Dan Lauria: Actor (Wonder Years), Movies & Broadway - Storyteller 

  • Rumi Oyama: Movie Director & Actress - Movement & Simulation

  • Jazen Patria: Branding Learning and Branding Your Learning Programs

  • Andrea Wong: Accessibility & Learning - Google

  • Sharon Claffey Kailoby:  "Women in Learning" Founder and Facilitator

  • Michael Wright: Learning Executive - FMGlobal - "Learning Strategies for the Future"

  • Myra Rolden: Technologist for Emerging Tech - AI & Learning Opportunities & Hype

  • Learning Focus Group: Live Interview with Multi-Generation Learners on Expectations

  • Learning Benchmarking: What is Changing, Expanding, Ending and Starting

  • Learning Conversations: 250 Learning Colleagues Connecting on YOUR Topics

  • Plus - Broadway Theater Experience on Tuesday Night

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