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Participant & Organizational Outcomes:

  • Opportunity to Interview & Interact with Learning Festival Speakers

  • Hype-Free Perspectives on Future of Learning, Roles & Tech

  • Ability to Create Learning Conversation Topics for Festival Discussions

  • Active Learning Benchmarking:

    • Learning Formats​

    • Learner Expectations

    • Disruptions to L&D Post Pandemic

    • What is a Learning EcoSysteme

  • Learning Simulations​

  • Experience and Explore New Formats for Internal Learning Forums

  • Focus Group of Learners from Around United States & Canada

  • Research and Dialogue on Students Graduating After Pandemic as Employees

  • 3 Hardcopy Books by Learning Festival Speakers

  • Strategy Conversations on AI & Learning

  • eBook from Elliott Masie on "eLearning in 2024?"

  • Storytelling Models in the Digital Age

  • User Experience - For Access & Diversity

  • Perspectives on Changing Skills and Readiness for L&D Professionals

  • Celebration of Learning's Impact on People and Organizations!

  • PLUS:  Lessons from Broadway Stars & Directors:

    • "Become a Learning PRODUCER"

    • Owning the Room" ​

    • The Arc of Storytelling

    • Empathy with Participants

    • Audience Attention Cycles​

    • Reaching Multi-Generations

    • Preventing Presenter Boredom

  • AND:

    • Recharged Energy for Learning Futures​

    • Fresh Perspectives on Supporting Change in the Workforce

    • 2 Days of Finding of Honoring the Key Role of Learning in our Futures

    • Broadening the Colleague Network for Each Participant



The Learning Festival and MASIE Learning Foundation will be donating $25,000 this year.

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